JOST® plastic rakes and tools: proven products in the garden, in the field, in the woods and on the golf course

Our product range at a glance

The idea to manufacture a hay rake with a head made of plastic (instead of wood, metal or aluminium) was developed some 50 years ago. This modest start was to become the basis for a wide range of garden tools – with a focus on rakes – for a wide range of applications


Our models with different numbers of tines, shaft positions, with or without a levelling edge, etc. are designed for specific uses in the garden, in the field or on the lawn.


Our wide range of different-sized leaf rakes caters for all requirements, whether for hobby gardeners or professionals.


Our two leaf picker models are ideal for picking up leaves.


Our 3 golf rake models are ideal for grooming golf course bunkers.


Our poly-rake, the versatile tool for shovelling, raking and sieving.

Felling wedges

6 different sizes, all made of high-impact modified polyamide. Some are certified with the KWF “PROFI” seal.